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• A1. How do I register on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

Registering on JacobitesMatrimonial.com is simple. Comprehensive information of the person intending to get married is entered during the registration. The user can enter all information at one go, or choose to add a few essential fields the first time, and come back and complete the profile later.

• A2. Who should register on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

Any person of legal age who intends to find a life partner can register. The profile can be posted by the person intending to get married, his/her parents, relatives or friends.

• A3. Is registering profile on the site free?

Yes, you can enter your profile on the site completely free. You can also add your photo, etc on the site free.

• A4. Why should I register on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

JacobitesMatrimonial is an exclusive online platform for Syrian Jacobites to meet prospective life partners. When you register on the site, your profile gets searched by members of the site. You can receive messages from interested members, and can send interests to them. You can also request for photos.

• A5. Can I use JacobitesMatrimonial.com without registering on the site?

You can use JacobitesMatrimonial.com to search through thousands of profiles for your prospective partner. You can view complete profiles of members too as a guest user. But it is recommended that you register your profile on the site to get maximum benefits.

• A6. Should I complete the forms on registration for being a member of the site?

The registration forms on JacobitesMatrimonial.com is designed to include all important information about the person intending to get married which can be of interest to a prospective partner. That is one of the inherent advantages of being online. Members can know your personal and personality profile before they initiate contact. But you can opt to add details on your profile as and when you have time. You can complete the registration very fast by keying in just the mandatory fields, which have an asterisk sign.

• A7. Why should I give my email ID and contact details when I am registering on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

The email ID that you specify is the one on which JacobitesMatrimonial will send you all communication from prospective partners. You can receive match watch mails and mail received alerts on your inbox. This email ID will not shared with anyone. The contact details that you provide will be shared only with subscribers to the site who are interested in your profile as a prospective partner. This will help to speed up contact especially for members who do not use online as a primary medium for communication.

A8. How do I add photos on the site?

You can add up to 6 photos with your profile. You can add your photos along with the registration process. If you do not do this at the time of registration, you may do so from your My Account Page. A profile with photos generates more interest and increases your chances of getting contacted. However, You can also set a password to hide your photos..

A9. What are verified phone numbers? How do I verify my contact number?

If your contact ID is a mobile number, when click on the verify link, you will get a security code on your mobile number which can be entered on the site to verify your number.

• A10. Why do I need to add a partner profile in my registration?

It is very important that you add your partner profile. This will give members an idea whether they do fit in with your requirements. More importantly, your periodical match watch alerts and new match alerts are built on the information you give in your partner profile. While creating your partner profile, please ensure that you do not input too many narrow parameters, this can result in not obtaining optimum results. For eg.: if you define desirable height range as 160 to 165, you could miss out on a lot of matching profiles.

• A11. What do I enter in the field About Me?

The About Me field is where you can enter a description of yourself. Most members who view your profile get a picture of you based on what you enter here. You can add what kind of a person you are, job profile and interests and personality details etc. here. All content in this space is screened for objectionable matter. Please do not enter contact details in this space to avoid the entries being rejected.

• A12. What do I enter in the field About my family?

The About my Family field helps you write about your family, what kind of family you are, members, family values etc. All content in this space is screened for objectionable matter. Please do not enter contact details in this space to avoid the entries being rejected.

• A13. Why can't I view entries that I have made in some fields?

All content that you have entered is manually screened for objectionable matter. The fields are not shown till they are approved, the approval is very fast, and you need to be patient for a maximum of 2-3 days before they are approved and displayed.

• A14. What happens if there is objectionable content in any of the matter I have entered?

If by any chance any/all of the fields have objectionable content, the admin rejects entries in the field and sends you an email showing the reason why it has been rejected. You can change the matter and enter the fresh content using the link in your Edit my profile page. The new entry will be screened and approved by the admin.


Managing Profiles

• B1. How do I log on to JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

You can log on to JacobitesMatrimonial.com using your user ID and password. If you forget your password, you can click on the link and you will be guided on the procedure to retrieve the password. You can also change your password using the link on My Accounts Page.

• B2. What is my Profile ID?

The profile ID is a unique number that is attached to your profile. This number will be displayed against your profile whenever it is viewed. The number can be entered in the search option -Search profile by ID, to find the profile you want.

B3. How do I logout from JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

You can use the button on the top right hand corner to log out of JacobitesMatrimonial.com. It is important that you do so. The special privileges that you have can be misused by someone else if you do not log out.

• B4. How can I change the information I submitted at registration?

You can change information added at registration by clicking the Edit my Profile feature on your My Account Page.

• B5. Can I change my password that I have submitted at Registration?

You can do that by logging on to the site and using the link on My Account page.

• B6. Can I hide my profile temporarily?

You can hide your profile from being viewed by other members by using the hide my profile feature in the My Accounts page.

• B7. Why can't I view all the information that I have entered on my profile?

Many of the fields on which you have provided information are screened for objectionable content. This may pertain to specific commercial uses; comments that hurt religious and social sentiments, obscene matter and contact information entered in fields other than those specified for it.


• C1. How do I search for my partner on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

• You can search for your partner on JacobitesMatrimonial.com using the simple search. You can also use the advanced search to broaden the search criteria. The search results can be further filtered by a number of parameters.

• C2. What are the other search options I have on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?
You can add as many parameters or filters as you can when you search on JacobitesMatrimonial.com. You can define your search on Location, Profession, Personality etc. You can also use the powerful keyword search options.

• C3. Can I save my search results?

You can use the Favorites feature to save profiles to your list. You can also add specific comments to the favorites, the icon and comment will be displayed by the side of the profile when you see this in future.

• C4. What are new matches that I see displayed in My accounts page?

The new matches is a free service provided by JacobitesMatrimonial.com to identify profiles that best match your requirements. The new match service is based on partner profiles.

• C5. How can I retrieve profiles that I have marked as a Favorite?

You can find the link to favorites on your my Account page. The link gives you the complete profiles of all members you have marked as a Favorite.


• D1. What are the attachments that I can include in my Profile?

You can have a host of valuable attachments with your profiles. These are photos, and a never before new feature, your personal blog.

• D2. Why should I include my photo with the profile?

Adding your photo to your profile would typically increase response to your profile. You can add upto five photos.

• D3. How can I add photos to my profile?

You can add photos to your profile as soon as you register your profile. You can also opt to add photos from your My Account Page.

• D4. How do ensure safety for my photos?

You can choose to password protect your photos. You can send the password on a request based on your approval of the member who sends the request.

• D5. Can I change the photos that I have uploaded?

You can change the photos you have attached by using the link on Edit my profile page.

• D6. Are the attachments with the profile validated?

All attachments are screened manually before they are updated. This may be a reason why you can't view uploads immediately. Please avoid objectionable content in your attachments. Please refer to our terms of use for pointers on what is objectionable.

• D7. Why can't I view my attachments immediately?

All attachments are screened manually before they are updated. This may be a reason why you can't view uploads immediately. Please avoid objectionable content in your attachments. Please refer to our terms of use for pointers on what is objectionable.

• D8. What are personal mails?

Subscribers to JacobitesMatrimonial.com have a special privilege of sending personalised communication to other members. These mails can have your details as well as any content that you may need to discuss with other members. You can track your messages sent and received in your my Accounts page.

• D9. What are photo requests?

Some members may not have added their photos on the site. You can encourage them to do so by sending a photo request.

• D10. What are photo password requests?

Members can choose to protect their photos with a password. You can choose to send other members a request for the photo that they can accept or reject. If the user accepts your request, you will be sent a password with which you can view the photo(s).

• D11. What are filters?

You can set filters on the type of people who may contact you. Setting too many filters may lower the response rate for your profile. You may choose this feature only if you are very sure that you want response only from a very defined community.

• D12. What are the formats in which I should upload my attachments?For photos, you can upload files upto 2 MB, in either of these formats: jpg, gif or bmp. For Horoscope files you can upload files upto 2 MB, either as a jpg, gif or bmp.


• E1. How do I contact members on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

To contact members on JacobitesMatrimonial.com you need to be a registered user of the site. As a registered user you can express interest in a profile by clicking on the option along with the detailed profile of a member. You can also send personalised mails or initiate chat with a member if you are a subscriber.

• E2. What are accept and reject interests?

When you receive an interest from a member on JacobitesMatrimonial.com, you can choose the action you want to take based on your interest in the member. When you accept the interest it implies that you are open to further communication from the member. You can also choose to reject the interest if you are not interested in the member. You can send an interest to a rejected member if you change your mind later.

• E3. Where do I find interests sent to me?

You can track your entire communication at your personal My Accounts page. This page has your interests/mails/requests sent/received etc. When you log in to the site, this is the page you are taken to.

• E4. How does the My Account page help me manage my membership on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

The my account page is your personal dashboard of activity on JacobitesMatrimonial.com. You can track your communication to and from members on this page. This page also help you manage your subscription. You can also edit profile features from the page. Your new matches are also displayed on the same page. This is the default page you are taken to, when you log on to JacobitesMatrimonial.com.

• E5. Can I write personalised messages to any members?

If you are a subscriber to the site you can write a personalised message to any member regardless of whether he/she is a registered user or a subscriber to the site.

• E6. Can members respond to me if they are not subscribers to the site?

• All registered users can respond to personalised messages from subscribers, irrespective of whether they are registered members or subscribed members.

• E7. What is the Chat facility on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

Members can chat with each other on JacobitesMatrimonial.com. Chat can be initiated only by a subscriber to the site. All registered members can respond to a chat invitation.

• E8. How do I chat with a member on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

You can initiate chat with a member on JacobitesMatrimonial.com if you have subscribed to any of our packages. You can distinguish between online and offline members by checking the icon beside their profile.

• E9. Why is the chat window not opening when I log on?

The chat window normally opens automatically when you log on. If it doesn't, please ensure that you have not activated the pop up blocker on your browser.

• E10. Can JacobitesMatrimonial.com customer support help me contact a member on the site?

JacobitesMatrimonial.com offline customer assistance centres help members who are not regularly online to manage their subscriptions. If you are a subscriber of the site, you can choose to contact any of our offices to seek assistance in managing your account.

• E11. How do I know when a member contacts me?

JacobitesMatrimonial.com has a great tool to let members know when they have received an interest/message/request or a reply to interests/messages/requests sent to them. This is immediately intimated to the member through mail. This information is also immediately available in your My Account page.

Privacy Concerns

• H1. How do I ensure that my profile is safeguarded on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

JacobitesMatrimonial.com tries to protect the user's privacy at every stage. You can choose to provide as much or as little information on JacobitesMatrimonial as you choose. You have options to set passwords for your contact information and photos. You can approve a request before the information is send to other members. All image files are also watermarked to prevent misuse. This feature is available to all members regardless to whether they are free users of the site or subscribers.

• H2. How do I report if I get unwanted messages from any members?

You can choose to ignore members who send unwanted messages. You can also report abuse/obscene content sent by any member by forwarding the same to [email protected]. We will look into the matter immediately.

• H3. What do I do if I see any objectionable content on the site?

• JacobitesMatrimonial.com manually screens all text entries and images to ensure that objectionable matter does not appear on the site. Just in case it has slipped our notice, please send a mail with the problem to [email protected]. Or use the Report a Problem feature at the bottom of all our pages.

• H4. How can I send in my suggestions for site improvement?

JacobitesMatrimonial.com is dedicated to create the most comprehensive platform for Syrian Jacobites to meet online for matrimonial purposes. It is your suggestion and support that shall enable us to do so. Please mail your comments/suggestions to [email protected]. We shall revert to you on the same.

• H5. How sure can I be of information entered in profiles on JacobitesMatrimonial.com?

• JacobitesMatrimonial.com does not offer a profile validation service currently. The user posts the information on the profiles and members are advised due diligence on all profiles before they proceed further. Please report any issues that you have in this regard on [email protected].